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Residential Roof Repair Services in Denver

Since 1992, Darby Enterprises has been helping homeowners with their roofing needs. We are a full-service residential roofing contractor providing our clients with replacement and repair services. With over 27 years of experience.

At Darby Enterprises, we hold experience of over 27 years in fixing residential roofs for single as well as multi-family homes. Whether you live in a cottage or a suburban home, a duplex, or a housing complex, our team of experts can cater to all your roof repair and installation needs.

For over 27 years serving the Denver metro area, we have worked with a variety of roofing materials. Whether it’s been a new build or a re-roof our residential installation and repair jobs involve material including but not limited to:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Concrete and Clay Tile
  • Synthetic Shake and Slate
  • Metal Shingles and Standing Seam Panels
  • Low Slope Modified Membrane

Asphalt Shingles


Many houses use asphalt shingles for their roofing projects. This is a material that continues to be a popular choice among many homes in Denver, Colorado, and other cities around the United States. You might wonder why asphalt shingles are popular and why we use them in our various projects. Yes, you may take a look at these shingles and wonder how these unimpressive and unremarkable shingles find themselves as a prominent shingle type for roofs in many areas.



The truth is that while they do not have any remarkable features or amazing styles, they are very reliable materials. Homeowners and roofing contractors appreciate these shingles due to their long-term reliability and durability. Did you know that they can likely endure several hailstorms before you must call out your roofing contractor to wholly replace your roof?



You may have to call for roof repair in Denver after these events but you can be sure that these roofing services will likely state that you may only require minor fixes to your roof. This is an important factor as it helps you to save time, money, and resources and enables you to get back to other parts of your life. Homeowners will tend to go with these shingles because they can minimize their overall spend and minimize roofing hassles. That is correct, you can defer new roof implementation events with this sturdy material. But when it comes to asphalt shingles, there is so much more than meets the eye.



The second point for asphalt shingles is cost-effective. Did you know that asphalt shingles can cost under seven dollars per square foot? They are known for their cost-effectiveness and they are over twenty-five years of life, providing effective defense barriers, insulation, and general value to your roof and home. At the same time, manufacturers and roofing services will also have a large variety of asphalt shingle options in stock. That means that you can take advantage of their holdings of colors and choose the one that may fit your needs the best.



Concrete and Clay Tile


Would you trust a material that has been used by kings and other members of royalty for their castles and homes? Would you trust it even more if these hand-molded clay tiles were present on castles that stand to this very day? Your answer is quite likely, yes. If these roofing materials can stand for over four hundred years, they can definitely work for your home.


Clay tiles were used as far back as the middle ages and were likely used before that timeframe as well. These clay tiles come with durability, the right density and serve as a compelling option for your roof in Denver.



They can also have a simple aesthetic and carry the best results overall for your home. Your roofing advisors may even ask you about your preference and point out the benefits of clay tiles, such as its Mediterranean style, helping your property have a bit more uniqueness over others in the area



You should seek to invest in these clay tiles if you want to differentiate your property further within your neighborhood. These clay tiles will cost over ten dollars per square foot and have comparable pricing to slate material. If you are thinking about roof repair or residential roofing in Denver, you may want to include this as one of your roofing material choices.


Concrete Roofing


Roofing services hold concrete roofing materials in the Denver, Colorado, area. They want to ensure to provide this as an option for their clients as this is a compelling option. What are the compelling critical features of these types of roofs?



The first point is that concrete roofs can withstand many issues and are known for their long-term durability. These concrete roofs can withstand natural disasters that range from hurricanes to floods. That is why it is no surprise that these materials have significant longevity and can hold their own among other materials. Roofing services may also choose to add acrylic waterproof coats to gain more value and increase efficiency. Concrete materials may see more prominence as more residential roofing contractors suggest these durable options to their clients. You may see these options in commercial roofing or in other sectors as well.



If you want to ensure that you have your concrete roofing job done right, with a company that holds strong ratings with the better business bureau in Denver, you would want to give us a call for a free estimate today.



Synthetic Shake and Slate


Traditional shake and slate can be quite expensive. That is why the industry came up with synthetic shake and slate. These options provide cost efficiency and still provide an element of beauty to your home or commercial property. You can find these options within a fair price range around five dollars to ten dollars per square foot. It is important to note that the price can range depending on supply, demand, and location.


At the same time, these are still more expensive than asphalt shingles which are very feasible. Roofing contractors will attest to the fact that it can be more simple to install these materials and that they can endure for a long time. Ask your Denver Roofing company about this option and how it can fit with the needs of your property.



Metal Shingles and Low Sloped Modified Membranes


Metal shingles and low-sloped modified membranes may not have as much demand but still, serve as great options for many households and properties. Ask your Denver Roofing firm in Colorado to see how this can be an option in roofing installation.

You can be sure that whatever your choice may be, your Denver area roofing company can do a great job with your roofing project.

Our project managers will work with you to solve your roofing needs from inspection to installation. Our first-hand experience with various residential roofing types and installation guidelines ensures our clients get the roof they want at the price they want. Apart from roofing, we also specialize in gutter repair and installation.


Assistance Through the Insurance Claims Process



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Darby Enterprises is proud to be a family-owned business. That is why we take care of other family dwellings with the required level of focus and respect.

We understand the stress you feel when you have to deal with insurance companies for your residential roof repair. Keeping this in mind, we make it a point to help you through the process. We negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf while also assisting you through the claims process.


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